How to Get Great Firm Washboard Abs Your Friends Will Envy You

Published: 28th May 2010
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Washboards Abs can be a work over in trying to achieve with the wrong approach. A lot of people think by doing crunches constantly will make them to have flat firm abs but this will only increase muscle size in the abdomen and six packs that will not last very long.

I use to thing 50-100 crunches and sit up daily withstanding a lot agonizing pain would result in great abs but this after a while made me to lose interest in wanting to continue due to the discomfort. The problem was doing the crunches alone and nothing more; I did not know that nutrition and other exercises were necessary in getting washboard Abs.

What is Washboard Abs?

These are abdominal muscles which are paired muscles running vertically on each side of the abdomen. This can be achieved when the proper exercises are applied with the write nutrition program for healthy abs. While one may be excited about getting the ideal six pack abs, it can be dangerous if the muscles are strain while doing intensive abdominal workouts, causing the muscle to pull or torn which if severe will cause the abdominal wall to rupture. With this being outline take care about how much exercise you do and how it is done as achieving washboard abs is a life style and not just workout.

How to get washboard Abs?

The truth about Abs program is an ideal program to get firm and healthy abdominal muscles. This program provides you with a handbook that will give you the blueprint on how to get washboard Abs, with a calculator to calculate the amount of calories to consume daily for both men and women. There is also a nutrition book that will outline foods that are not good for you and those that are good as I said before getting the healthy Abs you want is a lifestyle.

Many people often contemplate how to get six-pack abs regardless of the amount of crunches and other exercises they have done. This is evident that a lot of people don't think about the nutrition aspect of muscle building. The first thing is to look at the leaness or body fat as this a contributing factor in getting six-pack abs. Body fat is a major factor of muscle tone development and is recommended that generally you need to get your body fat below 20%.

The aim is to gain muscle density not muscle size as this can be detrimental to your body and progress of muscle building.

To have a great start building that admirable six-pack abs it is recommended that you do a series of warm up exercises which includes walking, running and others step by step, progressing to the major ones that will work on your abdominal muscles. Isometric movements will increase the muscle density in the abdomen. Isometric movement is merely flexing the abdominal muscles with out much resistance. The plank exercise and flexing the abs as hard as you can approximately six times daily, taking deep breath and exhale while you tighten your abs are some ideal isometric exercise.

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